Why is “simplification” such a long word?

Many people and businesses find the subject of taxation daunting. The advent of self assessment firstly for individuals and now for companies has produced more complexity into an already complex system. Every time a “simplification” is brought in it makes something else more difficult.

You may be paying more tax than you should because of mistakes when completing your tax return or even mistakes on “capture” of the form by H M Revenue and Customs.

It is very unlikely that you understand all the rates and allowances involved in calculating your tax liability but many of them are featured on our tax allowances page to assist you if you do.

Individuals and companies often need help in completing their self assessment tax returns. Many of our clients have benefited from a formal review of their tax position. In some cases we have been able to rectify previous mistakes and reclaim overpaid tax from the Inland Revenue. We have also been able to rearrange people’s affairs to enable to reduce amounts of tax paid in the future.

For businesses we provide a comprehensive level of advice to ensure that all reliefs and allowances are being claimed properly and that returns are filed on time to avoid the penalties. We aim to help businesses retain as much of their hard earned money as possible.