Many businesses find that they have to spend significant amounts of time on administration. This diverts the proprietor’s attention from the real aim of business – making money.

If your business is run through the form of a limited company you may wish to appoint a Company Secretary to fulfill the legal requirements of the Companies Acts. We cannot normally act as Company Secretary but we help many Company Secretaries to fulfill their duties such as the filing of returns and accounts, preparation of minutes and the custody of the company seal.

Employing staff adds to the volume of paperwork in any business. Calculating their tax and national insurance deductions is a minefield for the unwary with the additions of working tax credit and student loan deductions to an already complex system. Our comprehensive payroll service could save you much frustration and time.

VAT returns are important and they need to be completed in a timely fashion. We have satisfied clients whose affairs we handle completely.

H M Revenue and Customs visit businesses on a systematic basis to review their records. We can help you both before and after these visits.